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Dr. Rainer Lehner ❚ Comprehensive support during pregnancy ❚

✉  Schaumburgergasse 1.01, 1040 Vienna

☎  T: +43 1 36 15 524

✆  M: +43 (0) 660 753 66 65

Covered by all social insurances and private.


Pregnancy Care Planner

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It is one of the most fulfilling responsibilities to accompany pregnant women from the moment of determining the pregnancy and the calculation of the date of birth to all necessary screening appointments up to the actual birth.

I offer my patients comprehensive care including all examinations that are required in the Mother-Child Pass.


The Mother-Child-Pass stipulates at least five examinations during the pregnancy.

1st examination up to the 12th week of gestation

2nd examination 18th-22nd week of gestation

3rd examination 25th-28th week of gestation

4th examination 30th-34th week of gestation

5th examination 35th-38th week of gestation

Each Mother-Child-Pass examination includes a comprehensive anamnesis including the assessment of possible risk factors, gynaecological examinations, blood tests and ultrasound examinations.

The aim of the examinations is to monitor the health of mother and child and the nutrition supply via the placenta-to ensure that possible abnormalities are detected and treated early.

Consultation during the pregnancy

Furthermore, the monitoring appointments in the practise are the ideal setting for consultations.

For most mothers-to-be, being pregnant means a combination of joy, curiosity, worries and fears.

Whether it is nutrition and sports during the pregnancy, the birth process/birth possibilities or the nursing period-I am at your side during the entire pregnancy and take time for all concerns and questions.

❚ Pregnancy Care Planner ❚