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1. day of menstruation
Gynaecological examination and ultrasound examination up to the 7th gestation week
incl. blood tests up to the 16th gestation week
Cell-free fetal DNA Test from the maternal blood NIFTYâ„¢ test between 10+1 und 22+0 gestation week
1st Mother-Child Pass 8-12th gestation week
Nuchal translucency, Combined Test Clinic or private 11+6 - 13+6 gestation week
Growth control ca. 14-16th gestation week
Appointment with family doctor/internist 17-20th gestation week
2nd Mother-Child Pass 18-20th gestation week
Interview midwive 18-20th gestation week
Organ screening 20-24th gestation week
3rd Mother-Child Pass incl. growth control ca. 24th gestation week
and Cervical Measurement
Laboratory glucose test 25-28th gestation week
With Rh-negative blood type Rhophylac injection
4th Mother-Child Pass 30-34th gestation week + §3MSG Confirmation
Maternity leave from
5th Mother-Child Pass 36th gestation week
genital swab of streptococcus and Cervical Measurement
date of birth
Gynaecological examination 6 weeks after birth

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