As a specialist in gynaecology and obstetrics, I offer my patients a comprehensive scope of services for the diagnosis and treatment of different gynaecological problems and diseases.

I take time for every concern and every consultation, and I am happy to answer any questions you might have individually.

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The pregnancy care planner calculates all your appointments during pregnancy, childbirth and aftercare with one click.

Don't miss important checkups and consultations.

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Both the support during pregnancy and general preventive care are particularly important to me. As part of regular checkups in the practice, many diseases can be detected early and the chances of healing can be improved significantly.


Univ. Prof. Dr. Rainer Lehner


Dr. Rainer Lehner

As a specialist in gynaecology and obstetrics, I offer my patients a comprehensive scope of services for the diagnosis and treatment of different gynaecological problems and diseases.


Schaumburgergasse 1040 Wien

My practice is located in the premises of the Praxis Carré Schaumburg in the heart of Vienna's 4th district, Wieden, at Schaumburgergasse 1.01.

There are two reception desks. Here you will be welcomed by my expert receptionists.

Praxis Dr. Rainer Lehner - Empfang



Masha Haidai
Masha Haidai
Der Beste Gynäkologe den ich je hatte! Sehr aufmerksam, nimmt sich viel Zeit um alles zu erklären sogar zu malen, beantwortet alle Fragen sehr ausführlich. Sieht sachen die andere nicht erkennen können. Macht alles sehr vorsichtig, ist lustig und immer gut drauf. Danke schön!
Ninjin Idertsogt
Ninjin Idertsogt
Dr. Lehner ist ein sehr kompetenter, freundlicher und einfühlsamer Arzt. Einfach Top! Die Mitarbeiterinnen sind auch freundlich. Das Team kann ich nur empfehlen.
Dijana Golubovska
Dijana Golubovska
As in any doctor's office in Vienna, waiting for ~1h with a scheduled appointment is inevitable. The doctor in other hand is really professional and nice and treats each patient with personal approach.
Amela Špica
Amela Špica
Doctor Lehner is the only doctor I’ve meet that treated me like a human being and literally asked everything related to my past to understand my issues. He also helped me with my thyroid issues by referring me to the right place. He is a really amazing and empathetic doctor, which unfortunately, nowadays, you don’t see that often. I think that the doctor has a lot of knowledge and he solved some of my problems that nobody did before. The conversation was in English and it was perfect. After the appointment I had some follow-up questions and he answered them by email. On the other side, there is a bit of mess with appointments, I agree, I can imagine that it gets really busy and they get under a lot of stress. I do also agree that if the waiting time will be longer than 30 minutes they should inform the patient. This is something that’s not related to the doctor but I hope they will fix it. When I make my appointments I assume that I will be waiting and try to make an appointment when I am more flexible.
Katarina Zivojinovic
Katarina Zivojinovic
Dr. Lehner ist der kompetenteste und freundlichste Arzt, der sich viel Zeit für die Patientinnen nimmt und auf alle Fragen ausführlich eingeht. Er hat mich vor 10 Tage entbunden und ich kann nur eins sagen - bessere und angenehmere Geburt hätte ich mir gar nicht wünschen können! Ich kann den Dr. Lehner nur wärmstens empfehlen!
marlene kla
marlene kla
Top-Ärzte/Ärztinnen - sowohl Dr. Lehner als auch sämtliche Vertretungen die ich bisher kennengelernt habe. Die Mitarbeiterinnen an der Rezeption sind ebenso freundlich und kompetent. Mittlerweile eine Rarität unter Kassen-Ärzten 🙂
Refika Susic
Refika Susic
Da fühlt sich man extrem wohl und sehr gut betreut:) Ich bin begeistert 🥳



From July 1st 2023, medicines can be sent via e-prescription (independent of ELGA).

All persons insured in Austria can pick up their medication with a health insurance e-prescription at any Austrian pharmacy - but not at web/online pharmacies! Private prescriptions cannot be sent - they have to be collected at the practice.

As of July 1st 2023, the e-card must be inserted at the practice once per quarter so that the e-prescription is activated for 90 days.

Lab tests - procedure

After we received and checked the results we proceed as follows:

1. In case of an urgent result that is subject to treatment we contact you actively and communicate the necessary steps (therapy, appointment, prescription, ...).

2. If you have not heard of us within 2 weeks, you can be assured that your results do not require any further medical clarification or treatment. In this case, even if the result deviates from the reference range, we offer you to ask within your next regular appointment.

Currently we are not able to answer your e-mails regarding that matter due to high influx of e-mails. We kindly ask you for your understanding. Thank you.