Univ. Prof. Dr. Rainer Lehner


Dr. Rainer Lehner

It is one of the most fulfilling responsibilities to accompany pregnant women from the moment of determining the pregnancy and the calculation of the date of birth to all necessary screening appointments up to the actual birth.

I have many years of experience and great expertise in the medical support of high-risk pregnancies and can offer my patients the assurance that you and your baby are cared for on the highest medical level-thereby, the pregnancy becomes a lovely experience despite the increased risk and/or a certain primary disease.

Furthermore, screenings are very important to me. In the course of regular examinations in my practise, cancerous diseases and their preliminary stages can be detected early, which decidedly increases the chances of healing.


I take time for every concern and every consultation and am happy to answer any questions you might have personally.

Personal consultation

What is very important to me regarding communication is attention, friendliness and reliability.

No matter why you consult me in my practice-whether it's the beginning menopause, a vaginal or bladder infection, pregnancy or if it's time for a cancer screening-you can be sure that you will get individual and comprehensible advice.

You determine if and to what extent you want to be examined and whom you want by your side during the examination or the conversation.

Thanks to modern and transparent diagnosis and therapy procedures, individual information and comprehensible results, you can understand every treatment at all times.