Pink Ribbon - Brustkrebs Vorsorge



Breast cancer screenings consist of two important measures: The palpation in the practise, as well as the instruction for self-examination.

Both the breast tissue as well as the arm pits and collar bone are palpated in order to detect knots, indurations and other abnormalities.

Furthermore, I will explain when and how you should check your breasts at home yourself.

As the risk of cancer generally increases with age, the mammography in women aged 40 and older is of great importance.

The mammography allows the detection of smaller knots, which might be overlooked in a palpation and ultrasound examination.

Sometimes it is not possible to determine the type of modification only with imaging techniques.

In these cases, a biopsy is carried out, where a tissue sample is histologically examined.

Depending on the results, subsequent procedures can become necessary, which are then initiated by me-after a comprehensive consultation and information.