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I do my best to plan this moment, which is so important to my patients, and to let them experience the birth process with a great feeling of security. It is especially important to me to offer the mother a situation of safety in which she and her partner, midwife and doctor form a familiar team and welcome the new life into this world.

While the mother-to-be experiences the different phases of the birth process actively with the midwife and her partner, I take over the role of monitoring the birth progress, the exact medical support as well as the monitoring of the child's vital parameters.

In order to perfectly direct the birth process, I make careful decisions regarding the administration of oxytocic medication, pain medication or possibly also the carrying out of epidural anaesthetics if the mother-to-be asks for it.

Ultimately, in dangerous situations for both mother and child, I will actively take over the decision on surgical obstetric measures, such as cesarians or suction bells, and will carry these out for the wellbeing of mother and child.

Of course the medical monitoring of the mother after having delivered the baby as well as regular visits in hospital during the following days are part of my obstetric medical support.

Private births are possible at Privatklinik Goldenes Kreuz and at Privatklinik Döbling in Vienna.

I will of course advise you in time regarding the possibilities with national health insurances and private insurances.