Schaumburgergasse 1040 Wien

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My practice is located in the premises of the Praxis Carré Schaumburg in the heart of Vienna's 4th district, Wieden, at Schaumburgergasse 1.01.  

The practice has

  • two modern, well-equipped consulting rooms
  • a reception and waiting room
  • a WC for patients
  • a baby changing facility
  • a blood collection station 
  • WiFi for patients

In summer, the terrace in the garden becomes an extended waiting room. This way, my patients can spend their waiting time under the blue sky.

There is also a cloakroom, seating, information brochures on topics such as HPV vaccination, menstrual calendar and much more. Have a look around or just ask our assistants.

Our expert receptionists will welcome you in the waiting room with two reception desks.


When visiting for your first time you will receive the medical history sheet (incl. data protection declaration).

Please fill it out and return it to us. This way, the I can prepare well for your first consultation.



From July 1st 2023, medicines can be sent via e-prescription (independent of ELGA).

All persons insured in Austria can pick up their medication with a health insurance e-prescription at any Austrian pharmacy - but not at web/online pharmacies! Private prescriptions cannot be sent - they have to be collected at the practice.

As of July 1st 2023, the e-card must be inserted at the practice once per quarter so that the e-prescription is activated for 90 days.

Lab tests - procedure

After we received and checked the results we proceed as follows:

1. In case of an urgent result that is subject to treatment we contact you actively and communicate the necessary steps (therapy, appointment, prescription, ...).

2. If you have not heard of us within 2 weeks, you can be assured that your results do not require any further medical clarification or treatment. In this case, even if the result deviates from the reference range, we offer you to ask within your next regular appointment.

Currently we are not able to answer your e-mails regarding that matter due to high influx of e-mails. We kindly ask you for your understanding. Thank you.