Vorsorge Gebärmutterhalskrebs



In the course of the gynaecological examination, a cervical smear test (PAP smear test) is carried out in order to detect cervical carcinoma at an early stage.

This is a pain-free examination; cells are extracted from the cervix surface and the cervical canal, and are then sent to the laboratory for further examination.

Thanks to the PAP smear test, possible cell changes can be identified early, in order to determine even early stages of cervical cancer.

In the case of an abnormal result, the patient is informed immediately in order to carry out further tests for a more specified diagnosis – depending on the initial situation and the examination results (exact examination of the cervix, HPV typing etc.).

The earlier breast and cervical cancer as well as their preliminary stages are detected, the better the individual treatment possibilities and the higher the chances of complete healing.