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About 25 percent of all women of childbearing age have myoma.

A myoma of the womb is a benign tumour, which consists of the smooth cells within the womb.

The size of myoma range from only millimeters up to several centimeters; they can either occur singly or there can be several myoma at the same time.

A myoma can grow directly within the uterine wall, develop towards the uterine cavity or can spread from outside the womb into the abdominal cavity.

Whether myoma cause pain and other complaints, depends on their size, location and number.

Common complaints that are caused by myoma are irregular bleedings (increased and extended bleedings as well as intermenstrual bleedings), pain and feelings of pressure in the lower abdomen.


In order to diagnose myoma, first of all a comprehensive anamnesis, a gynaecological digital examination and an ultrasound are carried out.

With the ultrasound, it is possible to exactly determine the size, the location and the number of myoma.

In some cases, further examinations can become necessary.


Not every myoma must necessarily be treated.

Many women with myoma have no symptoms and are not limited in their quality of life-in these cases no therapy is necessary.

If myoma cause complaints, there are basically different forms of treatment, such as medication as well as surgical removal.