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Dr. Rainer Lehner ❚ Prevent unwanted pregnancies ❚

✉  Schaumburgergasse 1.01, 1040 Vienna

☎  T: +43 1 36 15 524

✆  M: +43 (0) 660 753 66 65

Covered by all social insurances and private.


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Every method of contraception has both advantages and disadvantages and no method is 100 percent effective.

A method can possibly be considered of advantage if it is easy to apply or shows a long-term effect. The effectiveness also depends on sufficient information, easy handling of the method and a conscious, positive decision for the respective method.

It is important for you and your partner to speak about what your sex life should be like. Only if both partners clearly express their desires and these are mutually accepted, your sex life will be fulfilling.

Of course, the joint responsibility regarding pregnancy or contraception is part of sexuality.

There is no method of contraception that is at the same time safe, available at any time, poses no problems to your health, is appropriate in every individual life situation and partnership and above all cost-effective.

Choosing your method of contraception highly depends on your personal life circumstances and an individual evaluation of pros and cons.

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